“Zeke Yeager” attack on titan

"Zeke Yeager" attack on titan

Zeke Yeager-The former Captain of Marley”s” Warrior Unito take the founding TitanFrom theEldiansOfParadise Island.[16]He was the theSuccessorTheBeastHe was regarded as the strongest soldier by Reiner Braun? contrastingLevi Ackerman’s “Humanity’s strongest soldier” is his title.To achieve his own agenda, he deceived and manipulated both Eldia’s and Marley’s war to end the existence of his people. He considered this “salvation.”

Zeke was the younger half-brother to Eren Yeager’s Grisha Yeager. He was also a member of the royal family on his mother’s side.


Form of the human body

Zeke, in human form, had a tall, wide, well-toned physique with gray eyes and shaggy platinum blonde hair. His mustache was a match for his beard. Zeke was photographed without a shirt, no pants, combat boots, or circular glasses. After his return to Marley, and the four-year time skip, Zeke began to sport a much more clean-cut look, contrasting his look while on Paradis Island. He cut his hair shorter so it didn’t fall into his eyes and had a smaller beard.

Titan form

Zeke, in Titan form, was a very unusual specimen. He had an ape-like appearance and was quite unique. His posture was closer to a human’s. He walked bipedally, as is the norm for Titans. He was a staggering 17 meters tall. His entire body was covered in dark fur, which grew on his shoulders, upper torso, and limbs. It also covered his scalp and formed a beard. His stomach, face, ears, and extremities were all bare. He had pointed ears and teeth that were not found in most Titans. The proportions of his upper body were similar to those of the Colossus Titan, possessing a very broad chest which dwarfed his head, as well as disproportionately slim arms. His arms were also long and dexterous, and his thumbs had very long fingers.


Zeke was intelligent and curious. Zeke was a very intelligent and curious man. He attempted to communicate with Mike Zacharias to learn more about Mike’s vertical maneuvering equipment.

He was a leader and gave orders to others, sometimes even Titans. He was speaking with Mike and told him that the Titan that was eating Mike would be held instead of being eaten. [24] He was a leader who gave orders and told others, sometimes even Titans, what to do. He did this when he crushed Mike’s head and ordered Bertolt to use brute force to get the Founding Titan.

Zeke was also cold, ruthless, and sarcastic, although he wasn’t explicitly sadistic. Zeke has killed human soldiers and allowed a group Titans to eat Mike after he had exhausted his usefulness. He was outwardly not indifferent to the pain he was about endure. He mused about them, speaking the same language.

However, in spite of Zeke’s savage tendencies, he had been shown to take pity on the citizens living within the Walls. Zeke had said that it was a tragedy that people continue to sacrifice their lives to escape the Walls. Their memories of the world are gone and they view it as futile. Zeke’s condescending pity for Paradis was enough to drive him to occasional outbursts. He used to remind himself to keep his cool during battle and not to get too upset.

Zeke’s opinions on the prospects of Eldians in society were very negative and nihilistic. This may have been due to his childhood and lack attention from his parents. Zeke’s views on the prospects of Eldians in society were very negative and nihilistic as a teenager. This may have been due to his childhood and lack of attention from both of his parents.

Zeke was a Warrior and later captain for more than twenty years. He was efficient and ruthless during his time in service. Zeke was extremely militaristic to the Warriors beneath him. He would not hesitate to punish them or leave them alone if they failed. Zeke threatened Reiner with his death if Reiner continued to disobey. Bertolt chose to cut his losses and leave his subordinate to die to escape.

Zeke’s demeanor was quite different from the battlefield. He displayed a warmer, more friendly exterior, a quiet charisma and an easygoing personality. Zeke also appeared to share a friendly relationship with his fellow Warriors, though Pieck would later remark on how duplicitous and secretive he always seemed. Zeke seems to have only one true love, Eren, and he believes they were both victims of their father. [33] Zeke had an almost obsessive need to validate his feelings by his half-brother. He was willing to delay the sterilization until Eren agreed to it.[34]


Zeke Yeager was the child of Grisha Yeager (36), and Dina Fritz (38), who planned to overthrow Marley government and bring back the Eldians.[37] Grisha also was a rebel when Marley announced the Warrior Program, which asked for Eldian children aged 5 to 7 to become potential Warriors. With the promise of freedom and the title of Honorary Marleyans, Grisha decided to join Zeke in the program to be a spy for his cause.

Zeke spent his childhood at home with his grandparents. Dina and Grisha went to Eldian Restorationist meetings with Zeke. Zeke was often sent home to his grandparents, while Grisha listened to his grandfather tell stories about the Eldian race’s crimes.

Initially, Zeke did not perform impressively as a Warrior Candidate, and his trouble keeping pace with his fellow candidates caused him to be ostracized by his peers and his instructor. However, he did manage to make one friend during his training: Tom Ksaver. After a day’s routine training, Zeke met Ksaver when he was playing catch alone. Ksaver prodded Zeke to join him in the game. Zeke was delighted to hear Ksaver praise his pitching skills. Zeke returned home to find his parents in the middle of a meeting. Zeke tried to listen in on the conversation and was reassured by his parents that he could save Eldia.

Zeke again was outperformed by all the other candidates during another public training event. Zeke was shocked to see his father leave the field, dismayed at his performance. He cried that night in his bedroom as his parents argued about what to do.

Ksaver tried his best to cheer Zeke up after the training event. Then, he joked that Zeke would make a stupid decision to become a Warrior. Zeke was surprised to hear that a Warrior had slandered the Warrior Program. He asked why Ksaver chose to become one. Ksaver explained that he wanted to study the Titans scientifically. Zeke was surprised but agreed with Ksaver that they were not meant to be soldiers.

While cleaning the halls of the Warriors’ headquarters, Zeke overheard that the Marleyan Authorities were close to discovering the location of the Eldian Restorationists. Zeke knew that this would send his family and him to Paradis, where they would be converted into Pure Titans. [42][43] Zeke then went to his parents to ask them for their permission to stop. However, they insisted that the actions of the Marleyan Authorities must be beneficial to all Eldians. In a desperate attempt to appeal to his father, Zeke reminded him of Faye and asked if he would be okay with his own son meeting the same fate: this only managed to enrage Grisha.

Zeke was terrified and tried to convince his parents that the whole family would be sent away to Paradis if the truth was out. But Grisha only repeated his earlier statement that they had to regain the rights Marley had taken to ensure that Faye did not suffer the same fate. Zeke, emotionally exhausted from the argument, pointed out that Faye died because Grisha took Grisha outside of Liberio.

Ksaver was the only one Zeke could turn to for help. Ksaver suggested Zeke tell Ksaver all his secrets. This would give Zeke and his grandparents the chance to be free, even though Zeke was ready to be sent to Paradis to live in an eternity as a Titan. Zeke initially objected to the idea, but Ksaver insisted there was no alternative. Zeke thought about all the trouble he’d experienced because his parents forced his will on him. Grisha, Dina, and the rest of the Pure Titans were soon to follow. Marley sent Zeke to his grandparents, not knowing his true heritage.

Zeke, despite believing that he sent his mother and father to their deaths. However, he sympathized with their struggle to liberate the Eldian race. Zeke continued the cause of his parents by working from the shadows in order to free the Eldians from Marley. Zeke played catch with Ksaver during his Warrior program. He used the games to engage in long conversations with Ksaver. Ksaver revealed during one of these games that the Founding Titan could not only affect Subjects of Ymir’s memories but also alter their bodies. Zeke was inspired by this revelation and speculated that a holder or the Founding Titan could use it to make all Subjects of Ymir sterile so that there would be no need for mass genocide. Ksaver didn’t immediately return the baseball to Zeke. Instead, he revealed that he had once been in a relationship with a Marleyan woman, who had committed suicide and had their son. Zeke, listening to his mentor lament his birth, promised Ksaver he would return the Founding Titan to Paradis and keep it out from Marley to ensure no one else can use it. Ksaver asked Zeke if he could find someone willing to follow through on the plan.[47]

Zeke was 17 years old when he became the oldest of the Warrior candidate to be chosen to receive the power to the Titans. The Titan Biology Research Society was unable to explain these abilities, as they were not aware of Zeke’s royal lineage. [50]

Zeke and his fellow Warriors seized the Beast Titan form, and used it to destroy an entire nation. Zeke used his Beast Titan form as an explosive weapon to attack enemies while they were retreating. The battle was a huge success and the Marleyan army considered the new Warriors more effective than their predecessors.[51] Zeke used his Beast Titan form to bombard enemies in the midst of retreat with explosive ammunition. [52]


Clash of the Titans arc

Five years after the start of the Paradis Island Operation, Zeke travels with Pieck and a small number of Marleyan soldiers to Paradis Island to infiltrate the Walls. After arriving, the group locates a small village inside of Wall Rose, and chooses to turn its residents into Titans. The soldiers release a gas laced in Zeke’s spinal fluid into air. This is then blown into the village by the villagers. Zeke lets out a loud scream that triggers all affected Eldians into becoming Titans.

Mike Zacharias spots Zeke as he continues to Wall Rose in his Titan form. He immediately notices the unusualness of his traits and mistakenly believes him to be a regular abnormal. Mike’s horse raced back to Zeke, and Zeke noticed it. He threw it at Mike to stop him escaping, and caused him to lose his footing to fall into the mouth Zeke’s Titans.

Zeke commands the Titan to stop eating Mike and then proceeds to question the soldier about his vertical maneuvering gear. Zeke then crushes the Titan’s head. Zeke then begins to question Mike but quickly stops when he fails to get a response out of shock. Zeke concludes that Mike and Zeke don’t speak the same language, or Mike is too scared to reply to him. Instead, Zeke notes that Mike uses swords which indicates that the Walls soldiers are aware of the Titans weakness at the nape. Mike takes Mike’s equipment out for inspection and then leaves.

Zeke, as he is about to leave, hears Mike’s defiance and turns his attention to inspecting the vertical maneuvering equipment before allowing the Titans around him to devour him. Zeke notices that Mike and Zeke spoke the same language, and he turns his attention to the vertical maneuvering equipment. Mike’s screams are ignored.

Later Zeke can be seen roaming outside Utgard Castle, where many Survey Corps members have been captured by his Titans. Zeke watches as his Titans surround the castle and climbs Wall Rose to watch the ensuing battle.

After killing most of the larger Titans, Zeke starts throwing large stones at the tower. Henning, Lynne and their horses are killed.[58] He then screams and summons more Titans to attack the castle. Zeke then climbs up the Wall and disappears into Wall Maria’s lost territory.

War for Paradis arcZeke claims that he destroyed Ragako in order to hide his true allegianceLevi instead takes Zeke into the Titan Forest and informs him that this is where they will be staying. Zeke is amazed at the sight and asks Levi if Gabi or Falco can see the trees. He is informed that this depends on his actions. Zeke is being kept in the forest by his guards. He explains to them how he transformed Ragako’s citizens. Levi is annoyed by Zeke’s inexplicable explanation and accuses him of not caring about human life. Zeke dismisses Levi’s criticisms and explains that Marley’s loyalty would have been challenged if he didn’t follow his orders.

Zeke asks Levi when he can experiment with Eren’s Titan abilities. Levi says he isn’t allowed to answer. Zeke asserts that it would not be wise to stay inactive for too long, which Levi agrees to. [105]Zeke’s shout turns the guards into Titans. Levi asks Levi if there are any wines left. Zeke jokes that Levi is the one who comes up with the most severe punishments. Zeke runs into the forest and sees a chance to escape as Levi makes his way. Zeke lets loose a loud, piercing cry before Levi and any other soldiers can stop him.

All Survey Corps soldiers are triggered to let out a piercing scream. They have all drank the wine and transformed into Titans. The Titans then fall from the trees around Levi. [106] Zeke, confident that Levi wouldn’t slaughter his subordinates, mockingly says he didn’t want to but regrets that this is not a legitimate conflict.

He summons three new Titans to his aid and says goodbye to Levi. [107] He wonders if the Eldians really understand the consequences of their surprise attack against Liberio. Zeke plans to have the Titans transport him to Eren’s agreed-upon meeting place, but is shocked to see a bloodied Levi in front of his eyes. Zeke orders two Titans to attack his body and transforms into the Beast Titan. [108] He quickly hardens his nape, and scans the area in search of Levi.

Zeke finds him and tears apart Titan’s last surviving Titan. He then throws the Titan pieces at his foe. He is furious at Levi for his actions and notices that many branches are falling towards him. Zeke cannot spot Levi among the branches and is hit by Thunder Spears which pierce the hardened nape the Beast Titan.

Zeke is horrified and has to wait for Levi to detonate the spears. Zeke pulls the pin to activate the Thunder Spear. Zeke wakes up tied in a carriage and a Thunder Spear sticking out his abdomen. Levi informs Zeke that the fuse and triggering mechanism have been tied around his neck, and any sudden movements could set it off.

Zeke vomits uncontrollably and Levi starts to rip off Zeke’s legs in an attempt to stop him from transforming. Zeke then screams in pain. Zeke, only half-conscious, asks Levi where his glasses are. Then, his memories of Ksaver flash in front of his eyes. [110] Zeke murmurs about his plans to kill the Eldian nation in order to protect the world. Levi mocks Zeke for his remark, claiming that Titan’s impending death is too cruel for the lives he has lost. Zeke protests weakly that he was saving the lives of their children by killing them. Levi then angrily prepares to cut his legs again. Zeke shouts Ksaver’s Name and jerks his head.

He pulls the Thunder Spear pin from his stomach. This causes an explosion. [111] Zeke is completely disfigured and his injuries are too severe to allow his body to heal. Zeke, as he falls to the ground from his injuries, recalls the meeting with Eren where they agreed to sterilize Eldian races. [112] Zeke begins to lose consciousness. One of the Titans that he had created regenerates his body and approaches him.

The Titan does not devour Zeke, but instead tears open its stomach to allow him to be placed inside. [113]Zeke is reborn and healed. Zeke regains consciousness to be alone in an unknown place. He is surprised to find that he is still alive when he sees a lonely girl quietly reconstructing his body from soil. Zeke glances up at the sky and sees strange patterns. Zeke speculates that he may have experienced a Path and that the girl in front of him is his ancestor Ymir. Zeke is then released from Titan’s stomach. Zeke watches as Hange is pursued by soldiers before Floch Forster approaches him to ask what happened. Zeke recollects himself and says that they must continue to go before he departs with the Yeagerists. Zeke is shot and the round passes through Beast Titan’s nape. Zeke arrives in Shiganshina, where he finds the district under siege by Marley’s forces. Eren and Reiner are locked in combat. Zeke, in Titan form, climbs to the top Wall Maria and launches debris that knocks Reiner off his feet.

He also commends his brother for his resistance to Marley’s forces. Reiner is comforted by Zeke, who assures him that he will take care of his enemies. Zeke launches a barrage that destroys some Marleyan airships, before turning his attention to Magath and Pieck. Zeke spots Reiner charging at Eren after the Marleyans forces have fallen back. He then proceeds to bombard Galliard and the Armored Titan[119] before he stops giggling about how close Eren and Zeke are to their goal. He believes Pieck died in the attack and mourns the loss of his friend. [120] He is taken by surprise when he sees several Marleyan soldiers approaching the Cart Titan in an attempt to attack. Magath fires an anti-Titan round from Magath’s gun atop Zeke’s corpse. This damages Zeke’s Titan’s nape and kills much of his body.

Zeke is incapacitated and falls to the ground after being struck by the Wall. Zeke causes the Eldians affected to transform. As Zeke regains his senses, Eren is seen wrestling with Reiner. Zeke then announces that he will transform soldiers who have ingested the spinal fluid. Zeke, struggling to get up on his feet, is about to let loose a scream as he sees Colt and Falco arrive at the location. Colt informs Zeke that Falco has accidentally swallowed his spinal fluid. Zeke is shocked and asks him to stop screaming until Falco can be safely out of his reach.

Zeke is shocked by Falco’s situation and offers his condolences. He also remarks that he realizes that his older brother wants to protect him. Zeke disregards Colt’s request, and lets out a loud scream that causes all affected Eldians, including Reiner, to become Pure Titans. Zeke activates the Founding Titan. Zeke sees Eren trying to escape Reiner so he orders a newly-transformed Falco to fight Reiner. [124] Zeke is shot again by Magath’s anti-Titan gunfire after he gives the command. Zeke, aiming to appear defeated by their Titans, crawls towards Eren before reaching out for his brother.

Gabi fires an anti-Titan gun at Eren, causing Eren to be decapitated before they can reach each other. [125]Eren’s head hits Zeke’s hand and he activates the Founding Titan. Eren cannot die from his injuries. Zeke arrives first in the Coordinate and is made to wait for Eren. Zeke arrives in the Coordinate first and is forced to wait for Eren. [127] Ymir Fritz approaches Zeke and explains their presence. Zeke suggests that she uses the Coordinate’s sand to create the Nine Titans, and to heal the bodies of those who are hurt. [128] Zeke urges Eren to order Ymir to start their euthanasia plans, but Eren first questions about Zeke’s chain.

Zeke asserts that Karl Fritz’s descendants are prevented from acting freely by the chains. To Zeke’s dismay, Eren asks about Zeke’s chains. Eren replies that he was using his brother to activate the founder. [129] Zeke, heartbroken, tells Eren that he broke Fritz’s vow while waiting for Eren and that Ymir can only be obeyed by a person of royal blood. [130] Zeke chains Eren and laments Eren’s brainwashing by Grisha. But he promises to save him. Zeke starts showing Eren their father’s memories, despite Eren’s protests. [131]Zeke brings Eren and himself to Zeke’s memories. Zeke regretfully observes Grisha’s memories from his time on Paradis.

Eren is shown how Grisha used his profession as a doctor in order to meet nobles and try to obtain information about the royal family. He was not afraid of the consequences for his family. Zeke is shocked to discover that Grisha delayed his mission after discovering the Reiss family chapel. He does so out of love for his family. Zeke is shocked to learn that Grisha appears to be trying to make an apology to Zeke in his sleep. The brothers continue their journey through Grisha’s memories. Zeke confesses that Eren wasn’t brainwashed.

Zeke asks Eren why he betrayed his brother and what he planned to do with Grisha’s power. Eren replies that he has always been like this and that Zeke, the pitiful brother he wished for, is not in him. Zeke, however, promises to save Eren by exposing his eyes to Eldia’s danger, and he does so before saving the world through his euthanasia plan. [133]Zeke, Eren finally arrive at Frieda’s Reiss Chapel on the date Grisha takes the Founding Titan.

Zeke is watching the memory play out when Eren’s expression becomes distorted from anger at King Fritz’s ideologies. Later, Grisha surprises Zeke by explaining how the Attack Titan can see into the memories of its future inheritors. Zeke is stunned when Grisha discovers that he cannot kill the Reiss family. However, his shock soon turns into angst when Eren starts talking to their father and encourages him to fight. [134] An emotional Grisha holds Zeke and apologizes for not being there as a child. Outside the chapel, Grisha is only faintly aware that Zeke was present. He tells Zeke, however, that he was horrified to see Eren’s future memories. Grisha is conscious of Zeke’s presence and emotionally embraces him. Grisha regrets that Zeke was a poor father but still loves him. Grisha asks Zeke to stop Eren. [135] Zeke walks away from Eren in the unknown land and stares at him with horror.

He was the one who had pushed Grisha to fight. Zeke also remembers certain memories Eren showed to his father to manipulate him. Zeke was a great help to Eren, who allowed him to see Grisha’s future and enabled the future that he saw in his father’s memory to happen. Zeke, terrified, orders Ymir Fritz the theft of the ability to reproduce from Subjects. Zeke informs Eren as she starts walking towards the pillar light that Grisha wanted to stop him because he had seen a part of Eren’s future, which Eren hadn’t. Zeke tells Eren that it’s futile to try and free him from his chains because once Ymir starts moving, nothing can stop her. [136] Eren embraces Ymir, asking her to end the world with her power.

Zeke is alarmed. He is more concerned to see that Ymir is not moving. Zeke is alarmed and frantically tries to reach his brother and Ymir. However, Ymir agrees that Eren can be helped and activates the Rumbling. [137] Zeke becomes ill after Eren transforms him. He is left with little of his body and is taken to Paths. Armin Arlert joins him, who has suffered a similar fate following the confrontation with Eren’s Founding titan. Zeke questions Armin about his identity after Armin attempts to introduce him. [138] Armin sits down with Zeke, and listens to Zeke explain his theory about life’s origins. Zeke believes that all lifeforms are able to find their meaning through “multiplying”.

It was a fear of death that caused Ymir’s undying Titan body to spawn and allow her escape to the Path. Zeke believes that her continued obedience to the Fritz family over 2000 years is because she still felt a connection with the world. She also thinks Eren was the first person to understand her. Armin attempts to get Zeke tell him how to escape from the Path world. But Zeke says that it is futile. Armin reminds Zeke that his allies are fighting to protect innocent people’s lives, but Zeke counters that every living thing will eventually die. [139]Zeke dies after LeviArmin starts to recall memories from his childhood that gave meaning to his life, despite their small size.

Zeke then looks up to see Armin with a baseball. Zeke, taking it from him and reminiscing about the times he used to play catch with Ksaver, admits that this time was very precious. He says he would love to play catch again, even though the game was meaningless. Zeke turns to see his father and Ksaver, former Titan inheritors, standing behind him. [140] Zeke stands up to them and admits to Ksaver, that although he still believes their euthanasia plan is correct, he would be willing to be born again if it meant that they could play catch again.

Grisha is thanked for his life. Zeke then asks for the strength of his father and starts calling Levi. Zeke takes a moment and admires the beauty of the day after grabbing his attention. Zeke slyly acknowledges that he didn’t deserve to notice the beauty of the day, considering all the atrocities he had committed before Levi decapitated him. [141]AbilitiesPowerof the TitansZeke transformed into a 17-meter Titan, known as the Beast Titan (SwuJu Ren Kemono No Kyojin?). The Titan and the power of his royal blood enabled him to transform Ragako’s inhabitants into Titans and force his will upon them. His pitching skills were transferred to his Titan. He could throw projectiles great distances and even destroy entire fleets with explosive shells. [142] He was able to still speak, even after being transformed. [23]

Royal Government arcThe Beast Titan defeats The Armored Titan. At the time Historia Reiss becomes queen (roughly two years after Reiner and Bertolt were exposed as traitors, and escape from the Survey Corps), Zeke is reunited to the two Warriors. They inform him that Marcel was eaten soon after he arrived on the island, and Annie was captured by the Military. Bertolt & Reiner later reveal that they have found the identity of the Founding Titan’s owner: Eren Yeager, a former colleague in the Survey Corps.

Zeke is shocked to discover that Eren is his younger brother. This, along with the fact Grisha survived and was not turned into a Titan, causes Zeke to break down in pain that evening. Zeke also contemplates how Eren managed to use the power of the Founding Titan, despite not being born to royalty. Zeke realizes that their father must have gotten the Attack Titan missing from him and that he may have found a way for Eren to get it. He also thought that Eren could have gained the Founding Titan by using his royal blood. Zeke indoctrinated Eren much as he did Zeke.

Zeke believes Eren is suffering from the effects of Grisha’s memories and will. He must make his own decisions. Zeke feels that Eren is the person he needs to succeed in his plan and makes it the priority of the Warriors to acquire his half-brother. He informs Bertolt and Reiner about his suspicions. They protest and insist that Eren’s capture is more important than the recovery of Annie. Reiner eventually challenges Zeke to a fight with their Titan forms in the Shiganshina District.

Zeke wins quickly and easily. [63] Bertolt then takes Reiner’s body, declaring himself the victor. After securing Annie’s Founding Titan, Bertolt tells Zeke that he can rescue Annie. He also informs them that the Survey Corps will not be able torture Annie without activating her Titan abilities. Zeke then suggests that Annie is probably hiding. He observes their dissatisfaction and asks them if they have lost their resolve. He offers to fight Reiner once more to determine what their next steps will be, but threatens to feed Reiner to another Warrior if they lose. Zeke declares that they have one goal: to regain the Coordinate and end the “curse history” of Eldia.

Pieck soon arrives to inform them about the imminent arrival of the Survey Corps, and they all proceed to their respective posts to prepare for battle. [64] Bertolt and Reiner warn Zeke of a Levi, who is cited as the strongest soldier in the Survey Corps. Zeke, however, is intrigued by the warning but ignores them as a threat. The Survey Corps soon begin the operation to retake Wall Maria. [65] Zeke, Reiner and Bertolt begin their operation after Eren seals the Shiganshina outer gate. After Reiner’s failure and his temporary downfall, Zeke transforms with a large number of Titans outside. [66] Zeke quickly grabs a huge boulder and launches it towards the inner gate.

This destroys the soldier’s horses and cuts off their only escape route to Shiganshina. With a maniacal smile on his face, Zeke begins walking slowly towards the city. [68] He roars as he moves towards the city, ordering the smaller Titans to attack Survey Corps’ horses. The larger Titans then form a circle around Shiganshina to stop the soldiers from fleeing. Zeke unleashes a barrage on the Survey Corps. After some time Zeke hears Reiner’s Titan form roar and is given the signal to send a barrel containing Bertolt into Shiganshina. [70] Zeke starts attacking the Survey Corps north with a barrage, pretending he’s pitching baseballs to get his aim. Every throw breaks the sound barrier, and each soldier caught in the barrage is completely vaporized. Levi and the rest are forced to retreat to the Wall’s base.

Zeke is observing a large number of soldiers, led by Erwin Smith, riding towards him as he continues his assault. Zeke says that he expected a better response than a suicide attack before throwing stones at them. [72] After his pitches had hit their mark, Zeke laments King Fritz’s erasure of soldiers’ world memories, forcing them to make the same mistakes over and over again, pushing themselves to “die honorably” because of their ignorance. Zeke, irritated by the thought, accidentally crushes the stones in the hand of his opponent and then he re-engages his attack. [73]Zeke is defeated. Zeke kills many more soldiers and notices that some are still alive despite all odds. He continues his charge. He becomes annoyed at their stubbornness and decides to shoot smoke at them all day, but it won’t achieve anything. After he has finished the last throw to the stragglers, Zeke starts to lament their deaths and then notices that the Titans in his flank have been killed. He is confused as to what has happened and is ambushed by Levi who slit his arm as he tries to grab him. Zeke realizes that he is now facing the soldier Bertolt and Reiner warned him about. He tries to protect his nape, but Levi blinds him. Zeke is unable to stand after his Titan’s Achilles tendon are slashed. Zeke realizes that he doesn’t have time to protect his nape so he tries to use his hand but it is too late. Zeke then emerges from the Titan trying to use the steam to blind Levi, but the captain snares his mouth.

Pieck saves Zeke and takes him to safety. Zeke orders his Titans to kill Levi as they run, boasting that he will wipe out the entire Survey Corps once Levi is dead. [74] Pieck takes Zeke into Shiganshina. There, he finds Eren who is holding Bertolt captive and approaches him. Zeke recognizes him and attempts to speak with Eren, insisting that they are both the victims of their father. Zeke’s resemblance with Grisha shocks Eren, but Zeke is forced to retreat by Levi’s sudden arrival. Bertolt is shocked when Zeke takes his leave. He apologizes and says he won’t be able to save him.

Before he promises Eren that he would come back to “save him”, he also promises to make amends. Zeke and Pieck escape from Shiganshina District, where they find Reiner severely injured. They rescue him from the Survey Corps soldiers who had captured him. Marley Arc The Marley Mid-East War started shortly after the Battle of Shiganshina District. Zeke secretly sends his Anti-Marleyan Volunteers, his followers, to Paradis Island in order to establish contact with the Eldians. In return for his assistance, Zeke gives the volunteers a list of requirements Paradis Island must fulfill. [77] Zeke also organized for the Marleyan survey vessels to transport large quantities of wine and his spinal fluid.

The wine would be served to the military’s highest-ranking officers first. Zeke would also contact Kiyomi Azubito, a national of Hizuru, to discuss the possibility of an alliance with Paradis. He apologizes to his parents for what he did and tells them that Marley doesn’t know what a Titan of Royal blood can do when he joins with the Founding Titan. Zeke presents her with the vertical maneuvering equipment that he borrowed from Mike Zacharias as a gesture of goodwill. He mentions the existence iceburst stones, which power the device, and there are very few traces of it. Zeke informs Kiyomi that the equipment is only found on Paradis. [79] Both sides agree, and Kiyomi plans to travel to Paradis. Zeke then tells Kiyomi that he believes it would greatly benefit the nation of Hizuru.

Zeke’s scream transforms EldiansAt its climax, Zeke participates in the assault upon Fort Slava. Zeke transforms Eldian captives into Titans by using his royal blood powers. He uses this power to parachute down from an aircraftship and inflicts a devastating airstrike on Fort Slava. [81] Zeke transforms into a Beast Titan after the Armored Titan defeats the Anti-Titan Artillery and joins in the battle. He uses leftover artillery rounds to destroy the Mid-East Allied Forces Fleet. Zeke is shot by the fleet before they are destroyed. However, Reiner’s Armored Titan saves Zeke and prevents them from being destroyed.

Zeke meets with Marley officials after the battle to discuss the end of the war and Marley’s future. Zeke suggests that the Paradis Island Operation be resumed to retake Founding Titan, using all the power of his Beast Titan to do so before Colt inherits it. [83] Zeke reminds Marley that they cannot depend entirely on Titans any more and suggests that Marley use this time to improve their military ordinance while they search for the Founding Titan on Paradis Island. Colt, unaware of Zeke’s royal blood, labels him special.

Zeke pretends to be ignorant of the reasons for his powers but promises that Colt would learn the truth after he inherits his Titan. [84] Commander Magath joins in the conversation to discuss the 32 missing survey ships sent to Paradis Island. Zeke speculates that Paradis Island controls four Titans, and that at most two of them are responsible for the disappearances of the 32 survey vessels.

Magath is informed by Zeke of anti-Titan weaponry and the existence of Ackerman clan. He claims that underestimating these factors led to his defeat. [85]Zeke and the Warriors have an informal meeting. Zeke then boarded a train for Liberio. [86] Zeke and the Warrior forces enter the Internment Zone after the train arrives. His grandparents warmly welcome him home when he arrives. [87]Zeke holds an informal meeting with his fellow Warriors and Colt. He discusses the growing animosity of the world towards Eldians and the future when conventional weaponry will overtake Titan weaponry. These concerns also concern Zeke about the future of Eldians.

Zeke says that Marley must carry on with his plan to regain the founder. The prestigious Tybur family will be narrating the Warriors plans for the world. This gives the Eldians in Marley a lot of power. These points are disputed among the Warriors with Zeke and Pieck remaining on the same wavelength. [88] Marleyan authorities tapped the meeting,[89] and Zeke seemed to be aware of this. Zeke, along with the Warriors, attends a meeting where he and his superiors discuss their plans for Paradis Island’s new operation. Colt later states that his brother doesn’t need to become Warrior. Zeke calls him to command but soon softens. Colt is then led away by Zeke to play catch. [91]Zeke would meet Eren in Liberio as the latter was infiltrating Marley.

Eren is a similar looking person to their father. He mentions to Eren that Eren knows the details of the Ackerman clan and gives it to Eren. [92] Zeke then tells Eren about his plans to kill the Eldian race. He asks Eren if he would support the plan by using the power of the Founding Titan in order to make all Eldians sterile. Zeke, after a while, is relieved that Eren agreed to help and shared his convictions about Grisha’s mistake. [93] Zeke offers to meet Eren in Shiganshina District[94][95] to signify their agreement.

Eren is given a baseball instead of a handshake. [93] Zeke later arrives at the festival along with the Warriors to hear Willy Tybur’s speech. Falco Grice requests Reiner to join him at the festival, but Zeke agrees since there is still time until the play starts. [96] A Marley soldier informs the Warriors that Magath summoned them just as the show is about to start. Zeke recognizes the man as Yelena disguised and follows Pieck and Galliard. While Zeke is being led to Magath’s location, the soldier tells Zeke to get off the ground and pass through the front gate. Zeke does.

Zeke repels an attacking Survey Corps. Later, Zeke transforms to the Beast Titan and approaches the battlefield, joining the Cart and Jaw Titans. Zeke then gives Zeke the order to destroy the enemy, while looking down at the Survey Corps and keeping his eyes on Levi. [98] Zeke provides artillery again, launching debris at soldiers. He almost gets attacked by two soldiers, but Pieck saves him. He is able to repel the Survey Corps from behind by having her provide cover fire and he can be seen from behind. [99] He announces that Eren Yiager is not his enemy but that a soldier from Paradis Island, Levi Ackerman, is. He then calls Levi to demand that he face him again and states that the “time is running out.” He notices Armin transform into the Colossus Titan shortly afterward.

Zeke is able to get back aboard the airship. While everyone else is distracted by the explosion, Levi seizes the moment and takes Zeke completely by surprise. Then he attacked the Titan’s nape, causing it to collapse in a prone position. Zeke is then unable to defend himself as Levi quickly throws a bomb at its nape. The bomb explodes, shocking the Warriors and the rest of Marley forces present. Zeke is able to survive the attack by Levi and is taken aboard an Eldian airship. Zeke speaks with Hange Zoe and Eren as he reattaches his severed limbs.

Zeke is surprised to see Falco and Gabi Braun aboard the ship. Hange then talks with him about how, despite some “miscalculations,” such as the Warrior candidate and the Warrior candidates during the fight, it was worth the sacrifices to ensure Eldia had both a Founding Titan (and someone with royal blood). He now believes that Eldia will finally be able to obtain their freedom. [102] Zeke and Levi are seen together in a carriage after the airship arrives on Paradis Island. Zeke comments that the people celebrating in the streets don’t know the true impact of this assault. Zeke insists on Levi taking him to Eren, despite Levi trying to make death threats. [103]