“Xtreme”: The trailer for the Spanish Family Revenge film has been released on Netflix

The trailer for Xtreme, a new action film from Netflix, has been announced. It is a Spanish film titled Xtremo, and the plot revolves around a former hitman who plans to exact vengeance on the murderer of his brother. The violence and action in this film are not held back.

After his son and father were murdered two years ago, a retired hitman plans to exact vengeance on the killer, who turns out to be none other than his partner. This movie has a lot of action sequences with power packs. A former hitman teams up with his sister and a troubled adolescent to exact vengeance on his evil stepbrother.

The film’s trailer begins with some murder scenes, and two years later, the protagonist’s pal, Lucero (Oscar Jaenada), has betrayed his own family. He has murdered his nephew and brother, as well as leaving him to his fate. Max now goes on a killing spree to exact vengeance after one of his brothers, Lucero’s assassins, brutally murdered Leo’s kin, as well as his new protégé.

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