Vijay sethupathi Super Deluxe full movie review and story’

Vijay sethupathi Super Deluxe If the latter was about male impotence, Super Deluxe embraces the idea of sexual fantasies; Kumararaja goes to the darker side of the human mind, without making the least decisions about his characters. If Aranya Kandam tries to explain what religion is, Kumararaj takes a rung in the super deluxe and questions the concept of morality and humans get their limits in a more exploitative way. It makes a comment about chaos theory and how meaningless life is. The film is, in many ways, the result of a confluence of four different world views (written by Kumararaj, Mysoreskin, Nalan Kumarasamy and Neela K. Sekar). And it is amusing how Kumararaj combines themes and themes within his milestones. He is enjoying style-hopping; The film begins as a black comedy and ends like a drunkard on life, sex and spirituality. And this is the worst spoiler-free review one can write about a film that is highly layered.At its heart, Super Deluxe is four stories linked together, making it hard to guess who wrote what.