Venom 2 Corrects the Carnage Mistake of the First Film

Venom 2: While Cletus Kasady’s original stinger reveal resembled his comic book counterpart, it did not translate well to the big screen.

The latest Venom: Let There Be Carnage trailer reveals that the sequel will correct a flaw in the first film: the wig worn by Woody Harrelson to imitate Carnage’s wild hairstyle.The original Venom film, which received mixed reviews, made significant attempts to stay true to the comic in terms of character models, and the wig was one of them. The removal of the wig, in favour of a more realistic look, indicates that the filmmakers are aware of the critiques levelled at the first film and are attempting to address them in this sequel.

Harrelson’s first appearance in the series, at the end of the first Venom, was brief, lasting just a few seconds. The emphasis on Kasady’s hair made for fast visual storytelling and explained the nickname “Red” (as in the Carnage symbiote). Without the need for the wig, the Venom 2 trailer tune, Harry Nilsson’s “One,” does the same.

Kasady’s bond with the murderous Carnage is stronger, and they consider themselves to be one, unlike Venom and Eddie Brock, who consider themselves partners and refer to themselves as “we.” The hair’s wild tendrils, similar to Carnage’s favourite spikes, reflected this close bond.