“valorant”How to uninstall valorant


valorant-Are you getting sick and tired of Valorant? Do you really miss Counter-Strike? There’s nothing stopping you from removing Riot’s tac shooting.

VALORANT definitely isn’t suitable for all players. It’s a game that demands perseverance, practice and determination. Sometimes, it may be slower than games such as Overwatch, Call of Duty, or perhaps Counter-Strike. This can cause some of the players off.

But how do you deinstall the VALORANT? It’s actually not as easy as it seems. If you go to your control panel and select uninstall, you’ll be presented in the middle of an error. There are additional steps you must take before you can uninstall the game. Check out Valorant on Amazon

Valorant’ss anti-cheat detection software, Vanguard, first needs to be shut down and removed from the system. You can shut down Vanguard by opening the system tray located on the right-hand part of your desktop, clicking at the red Vanguard icon and then selecting to exit. Screengrab via Windows

A message will pop out at this point, asking you to “turn off” Vanguard. Select Yes. Screengrab via Windows

Once it’s shut down it will allow you to deinstall the two programs Vanguard as well as Valorantas normal. This can be done by hitting the Windows Key or pressing on the Windows icon that appears on the taskbar and typing “Add to remove or uninstall programs” within the search box and pressing Enter. Screengrab via Windows

From there go to “Riot Vanguard”,” right-click and remove the program. Screengrab via Windows

Then, remove Valorant.

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Cloud9 White competes against Cloud9 White in the Aim Lab Defenders Test

What C9 White member earned the first place? Zakaria Almughrabi https://www.youtube.com/embed/5HVO229Xd-8

Created in partnership in collaboration with Aim Lab.

Cloud9’s all-female VALORANT team, C9 White, took the Aim Lab Defenders Test to see who has the best aim. They took part in four scenarios focused on target switching and the winner was decided by the highest average score

The first game included Defend The Castle. In this scenario targets are rolled upwards towards the player. Targets in yellow follow straight lines and the red ones bounce. The objective was to ensure that you don’t allow any targets to pass through. Check out Valorant on Amazon

Melanie “meL” Capone took the first spot in this test, scoring the score of 134,000. Katja “katsumi” Pfahnl and Annie Roberts weren’t far behind at 125,800 and 124,000 respectively. Alexis Guarrasi clocked in at 96,000, and Jasmine “Jazzyk1ns” Manankil was having an unlucky run, in the race, scoring 61600.

The next one came Defend the Roof. The scenario was like the previous one, Defend the Castle in that targets are moved towards the player, and the aim is to keep them away. However, these targets can come from within the building or even from above an area of roof. The targets can also move across the sides of the building when in such a scenario.

The last time, Alexis topped the scoring board with 115,400 points. She was quite a bit over the rest of the field as well. MeL was able to score 104,800 points and katsumi’s 102,000 just ahead of her. Annie came in second with 84,000 and Jazzyk1ns was a 50,400 scorer.

The third game was called Defend the Village. Instead of moving targets towards their target, they began from the top of the sky, over the village. The aim was to knock them away as they fell, but before they came into contact with buildings.

Alexis beat her second consecutive contest with an impressive scoring of 102200. Annie was able to secure her second-place finishing with 92,600 points and katusumi was just 10,000 points lower than her. MeL had her lowest score at 78,880 point. In the meantime, Jazzyk1ns was still struggling to find her rhythm with 73,000 points.

The last challenge was to defend the Watchtower. The targets were brought through from both sides of the screen to target the watchtower located in the middle. Target switching and large precise moves were tested in the final scenario.

Annie scored the top scores of the tournament at 139,000 points. It also had the biggest difference between first and second as meL scored the highest score of 125,600. Katsumi had a good run , scoring 119,300. Alexis got 110,800 points for fourth place. Jazzyk1ns scored her highest score in the tournament with 109,100 points.

All-time winner for the Defenders of Aim Lab contest was meL who scored an average score of 119,000. Even although Alexis was beaten by placing first her average ranking was 2.25 and Alexis’s score was 2.5.

If you’d like to see how you compare to these powerfulpros you could download this collection from here and take notes on the scores you score yourself.

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The Team Liquid soulcas at KAY/O “I think that he’s going for one of the top agents’

The meta is set to become a full killer robot. You’ve been warned. Scott Robertson Image via Riot Games

To Team Liquid VALORANT‘s Dom “soulcas” Sulcas, the decision to begin playing the machine that initiates KAY/O isn’t just about personal preference. The U.K.-based duelist-turned-initiator believes KAY/O is going to become a more pivotal part of the overall competitive meta in the near future.

Following Liquid’s victory over Cloud9 Blue in the quarterfinals of VCT Champions Soulcas spoke about his use of KAY/O at the press conferences prior to semi-finals and he praised the agents’ abilities and the long-term possibilities.

“I can pop-flash my teammates, but I also pop-flash me,” soulcas said. “I can do some naive things, and I can also make some good decisions. It’s the best of both worlds for the agent. I think he’s going be among the top agents. In the aftermath of this tournament I believe we’ll begin to see a lot of teams playing KAY/O, at minimum on some maps.” Image via Riot Games.

KAY/O’s popularity has risen within the last few months. In Masters Three Berlin, he suffered a pathetic pick rate of only 2 percent, as per VLR.gg. The tournament was won by just three maps of 66. All were picked by 100 thieves. However, at Champions the rate of selection has increased to 18 percent all-around as well as the 38 and 40% focusing on Ascent and Breeze, respectively.

Soulcas and Liquid particularly, have become very fond of KAY/O and have used KAY/O in every Champions tournament they’ve participated and in four of seven map they’ve played. They’ve won three times on the four maps played with the exception of Bind, Breeze, and Haven.

Soulcas mentions the time gap between the release of KAY/O and the beginning in Masters Berlin as the reason why he didn’t show up much during the event, however Soulcas believes that this will be changed with the lengthy break following Champions. Screengrab via Riot Games

“I believe that it’s more of a comfort issue,” soulcas said. “People were not comfortable with KAY/O, and we did not have enough time to incorporate KAY/O into team competitions and now, following this tournament, there’s going be a greater break. Therefore, we’re sure to be seeing the addition of more KAY/O.”

Liquid is expected to play some more KAY/O on Acend in the semi-finals of VCT Champions. They also have opponents who have been a fan of Liquid as well on Breeze as well as Ascent. Two EU teams will play on Dec. 11 at 11am CT.