The 9 Cheapest Cars on Sale in the U.S. Right Now


The 9 Cheapest Cars on Sale in the U.S. We hear the question all the time What are the most inexpensive cars available right now?

The automakers aren’t keen on offering affordable subcompacts because there’s zero profit margin However, there are cheap wheels available. The list below of most affordable vehicles available includes the most affordable version of the low-cost models according to the manufacturers’ list price. If a specific model is sold as, for instance, both an SUV and a sedan only the cheaper body design is included. Expect to pay $1500 to $2000 higher to the following trim up that you’re likely to find at the local dealer. Keep in mind that if you’re unable to locate the exact model you’re looking to purchase at your local dealer’s showrooms, a quick search on the internet could lead you to an adjacent state.

Note: Automakers generally don’t release photos of their trim levels in the base trim These photos depict vehicles with larger wheels and brighter work than the models that are described as base.

1. 2020 Chevrolet Spark LS, $14,395

EPA Mileage: 29/38 mpg (city/hwy)

This North American version of the Daewoo Matiz, sold around the world under a variety of models and brand names it is one of the most enjoyable mini cars that are available.

In addition, even though it’s not the most affordable automobiles, Chevrolet also offered the Spark electric vehicle between 2013 and 2016 as a backup car before the launch of the Bolt EV. However, more recently, and with respect towards U.S. market reality, it introduced the ACTIV fake-crossover following the launch of the most recent Spark for the model year. This Chevy Spark’s “rugged look” consists of a suspension that is raised as well as black trim and foglamps on the front as well as a roof rack for the more expensive pricing of just $18,495. Really, it’s not so bad as you think however, it’s still lower than the similar (though higher) Ford EcoSport.

2. 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage ES, $14,990

2015_Mirage 48 source

EPA Mileage: 33/41 mpg (city/hwy)

The cheapest car is the cheapest car to be a that is the poster child to the unpopular adage, “You get what you pay for,” but it also comes with the best fuel efficiency non-electric gasoline-powered vehicle that is that is sold within the U.S.

Some time ago I had a rental car for a brief weekend in Milwaukee and am able to report the EPA estimates for fuel mileage are accurate. Indeed, in my experience, I surpassed the highway mileage by a couple of mpg after driving for about 80 miles within the city. As a rental car, it was equipped with a CVT Mitsubishi Mirage, rated 36/43 MPg, compared to the manual’s 33/41. That option adds an additional $1300 to the price. If you opt for an Mirage G4 sedan, it costs you an additional 1 mpg on the highway and city and add $1000 to the price. Mitsubishi has made auto-climate control mandatory in all levels of trim in the 2020 model year.

3. 2020 Nissan Versa S, $15,655

EPA Mileage: 27/35 mpg (city/hwy)

The affordable compact car entered in the U.S. market as one of the cheapest vehicles available, and as a rather drab, unprofessional hatchback in the year the year 2006. However, with the all-new model for the year 2019 it comes with several positive aspects, such as the more refined style that looks part of the same family that includes Nissan’s Nissan Sentra and Altima.

It is now a car only specifically for in the U.S. market, the Nissan Versa S comes with these standard features, including automated climate control, remote start, blind-spot alert crossing-traffic alert, as well as Apple Car Play/Android For Auto. However, this is only available if you spend $19,215 for the top-end Versa SR with CVT transmission. The auto Versa S does come with the lane-departure warning feature, rear automatic brakes, and emergency braking that detects pedestrians. It’s a great commuter vehicle for people just looking to travel to work and back but this isn’t one of the cars that is more enjoyable to drive faster than it is to drive slower.

4. 2020 Hyundai Accent SE, $16,270

Accent proflleB

EPA Mileage:29/39 mpg (city/hwy)

Hyundai is famous for filling with the cheapest of automobiles and SUVs with features and interior amenities that could make an unassuming brand proud. It’s the same with the smaller Hyundai Accent for 2020. Hyundai Accent-if you’re looking to invest $20,375 for the Limited version. It’s still a reasonable price for the majority of buyers.

The Hyundai Accent SE comes well equipped for the money and, as the cheapest of the three trim levels within the Accent line, it’s only offered with the manual transmission.

A new update for the 2020 model year of the Accent is the Multi-Port fuel-injected 1.6-liter four, which is replacing the previous direct-injection gasoline 1.6-liter four. The fuel mileage of six-speed manual equipped vehicles has increased by 1 per cent city and two mpg highway, which is now 29 and 39 respectively.

Standard features include a 5 inch touch screen for audio, rear-view camera and a six-way manual driver’s seat adjustment as well as keyless entry. For quality, value and quality the fourth-lowest car for market in U.S. is the best option.

5. 2020 Toyota Yaris L Sedan, $16,605

EPA Mileage: 30/39 mpg (city/hwy)

Miss the old 2011 Mazda2? We do also, but it is still one of the U.S. market’s cheapest cars in the shape of Toyota Yaris. It was first introduced. Toyota imported it from Mazda’s Mexican manufacturing facility as it was a sedan, however this year it was announced that Mazda2 was also badge-engineered. Mazda2 was badge-engineered to the Yaris hatchback model and that’s why we’re not including the Mazda2 as one of our the most affordable automobiles.

The hatchback wouldn’t have been able to make it, but it’s priced at $18,705, which is 250 more than the Kia Soul, the No. 10 most affordable car Kia Soul. Kia Soul. The Yaris hatch is the only one equipped with an auto transmission however, the sedan comes with the manual.

6. 2020 Kia Rio LX, $16,815

Rio profileB

EPA Mileage: 33/41 mpg (city/hwy)

Similar to similar to the Hyundai Accent, this new 2021 Kia Rio replaces the old “Gamma” gasoline direct-injection 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine with a modern Multi-port Direct-Injection 1.6. But this car comes with an “iVT,” or intelligent-continuously variable transmission instead of its corporate relative’s standard six-speed manual. With the iVT, the Rio LX’s fuel mileage increases by 5-mpg city and 4-mpg highway–33 and 41, respectively–compared to last year’s model, which came with a conventional six-speed automatic transmission. It also comes with a 7-inch touchscreen that supports Apple Car Play and Android Auto available in Kia Rio in 2020. Kia Rio.

7. 2020 Honda Fit LX, $17,120


EPA Mileage: 29/36 mpg (city/hwy)

For cheapest cars, forget BMW’s Mini line since 2001; Honda’s Fit is the true successor to Alec Issigonis’ original small-on-the-outside, big-on-the-inside hatchback. Add a good enjoyment-to-drive element, particularly with Honda’s nimble manual six-speed transmission, as well as its high-revving (6,800 redline!) naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine, and you’ve got one of the least expensive automobiles that is worthy of aspirations.

8. 2019 Fiat 500 Pop, $17,990


EPA Mileage: 28/33 mpg (city/hwy)

The truth is that Fiat 500 is a car that Fiat 500 is no longer available within both the U.S. and Canada that means there are no 2020 models. This isn’t an attempt to cheat, as the goal for this page is to guide you to the most affordable cars currently available within the U.S. In case you’ve read the entire article you’re seeking the lowest cost not the latest model.

Fiat discontinued production of its 500 model within North America because the cute tiny car wasn’t selling well so it could be worth considering looking to get off the subway or bus. There are alternatives, but non-Abarth versions of Fiat 500 aren’t available. Fiat 500 have never been making cars more desirable to drive and, as the sole two-door car on this list, its rear seat functionality is only limited. Furthermore, being the only turbocharged vehicle on the list, it runs on premium gasoline. This means that the five-speed manual is superior to the automatic six-speed in the EPA mileage test by 4 mpg urban (28 milliliters per gallon) and 1 mpg on the highway (33 milliliters per gallon).

9. 2020 Hyundai Venue SE, $18,490

Venue profile

EPA Mileage: 27/35 mpg (city/hwy)

The all-new Hyundai Venue is a tallish, front-wheel-drive-only “SUV,” or at least that’s what Hyundai calls it. It’s more like a taller hatchback, and it’s something Hyundai should take on. The Venue is also Hyundai’s solution to the price increase of a variety of cars and SUVs. And since it’s about the most current entry-level priced model that’s less than $20,000 it’s equipped with Apple CarPlay/Android auto, an 8.0-inch touchscreen as well as SmartSense with forward-collision alert. It’s the SE model that’s the only trim that comes with a manual six-speed.

After our first test drive with Venue in Miami in January of this year We described it as “a boxful of modern minimalism.” Include the “my other car is an e-bike” license plate frame, and take a the following entry on the list of the cheapest cars that are available for purchase across the U.S.

10. 2020 Kia Soul LX, $18,610

SoulFR_three quarters

EPA Mileage: 25/31 mpg (city/hwy)

With a sly marketing campaign as well as its hip style, the Kia Soul is a unique instance of a budget-friendly and affordable econobox. It has enjoyed a great sales performance throughout its history, often becoming being among the most popular models of the brand.

Its Kia Soul rides on a new platform coming in 2020. Higher-end models come with features like the 10.25-inch touchscreen, as well as an up-facing display. There’s the Soul GT Line and the Soul X-Line, but you prefer to go with the Soul LX if you want to reduce costs. .