Actor Sydney Sweeney spoke out about the financial costs of taking a break in the industry, and how many people don’t find it feasible.

Despite her success in Euphoria it seems that Sweeney does not actually enjoy the majority of the money she makes. Sweeney stated that she doesn’t have enough income to pay for a six-month vacation if she asked her. Sweeney said that he doesn’t have anyone to support him, or to whom he could turn to for financial help. Actors aren’t paid as well as streamers. While established stars get paid, I must give 5% to my lawyer, 10% to my agents, and 3% to my business manager. My publicist is responsible for paying me every month. That’s more than my mortgage.

The Euphoria actress then spoke out about the negative effects industry has had on her personal life. She said, “I want to have my own family. I’ve always wanted the opportunity to be a young mother. But I worry about how the industry stigmatizes young mothers and views them differently.” “I was concerned that if I didn’t work, there wouldn’t be any money or support for the kids I would have.