Spider Man There’s No Way home is a film that’s designed to accomplish many things. It’s the 3rd film of the directed by Jon Watts MCU three-part series comprising Spider-Man films, which wraps up the storyline of Tom Holland’s take on Peter Parker. The film is an immediate sequel Spider-Man: Far From Home which picks up right the scene where the cliffhanger credits from the 2019 film ended on. It’s an extension of the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe and its “Phase Four” story sequence. and it’s a tribute the last two decades of Spider-Man films.

There are a lot of balls to be juggled. The way it the film No Way Home manages to accomplish the number of balls it does is amazing particularly in terms of fan service . But as with Peter Parker, this movie cannot have everything.

Spoiler alert This review will refer to some of the plot elements of the movie , as shown in the current Spider-Man: No Way Home trailers, and will also contain spoilers for Spider-Man far From Home.

If you’d like to remain completely unaware take a break from this review the moment. Photograph: Columbia Pictures

Spider-Man The movie The No Way Home follows from where its predecessor, Far From Home ended. Peter Parker’s hidden identity as Spider-Man was exposed to the world via one final trick by Mysterio and the world now believes that the webslinger is responsible for the villain’s savage attack on London.

“No Way Home” does not let Peter have it easy in this film, at least for most of the opening third movie, which shuns heroics in favor of grinding on the character in costume. The majority of the world is against Peter and thinks that he killed Mysterio. Peter doesn’t know how to finance college. (As as an incidental note, considering that this is the third time that this plot point has been mentioned on the course of an MCU initiative this year, Did no members of the Avengers have to pay for their college? Don’t be so naive, Tony.) Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) is forced to leave after her house is attacked by protesters and reporters. And his best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon) and his girlfriend, MJ (Zendaya), are snubbed by each college they try to apply to because of their association with Peter. NO WAY HOME DOESN’T LET PETER GET OFF EASY

In an effort to safeguard his family members, Peter goes to his colleague Avenger Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and requests him to solve the issue. Naturally, things go wrong. The spell opens the multiverse, spilling out enemies from the previous five Spider-Man films that span almost 20 years: Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe reprises his role from Spider-Man), Doc Ock (Alfred Molina, Spider-Man 2), Sandman (Thomas Hayden Church, Spider-Man 3), Lizard (Rhys Ifan, The Amazing Spider-Man) and Electro (Jamie Foxx from The Amazing Spider-Man 2). Every villain has been taken from their time just prior to their web-slinging escapade and given a second opportunity to retaliate against (another) Spider-Man, who must track them down and bring them back to where they came from.

“No Way Home” is a joy to bring the characters back. Every villain gets a chance in the sunshine (some are more brief than others) as well as long-time Spider-Man enthusiasts will enjoy the pleasure from seeing Doc Ock smash his way through the streets of cars as well as a hilariously grin-filled Green Goblin cackling his way from scene to scene as well as Jamie Foxx’s Electro not needing to be an all-blue CGI Doctor Manhattan knockoff. Dafoe is the leader with his raunchy and amiable personalities, not ever missing a beat during the 19 years that have passed as Molina’s tortured scientist battles to manage his erratic creation. The cast that made up the core of Watts trilogy is returning. Holland’s version of Peter is his most memorable to date young and fresh, he’s able to wiggle the fight scenes while juggling the increasing pressure of being forced the responsibility to become Spider-Man. MJ along with Ned are more detached away from action but Aunt May is given the spotlight in the more quiet scenes to excellent effect.

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The film is extremely entertaining, however it harkens back to the same problem each of Holland’s films faced: the multitude of bad guys are again the enemies of other characters which Peter is confronting, much as the films Homecoming or Far from Home saw him taking care of Tony Stark’s mess. Peter’s Inception-esque mirror dimension duel with Doctor Strange almost has more significance than the other villains’ fight scenes in the series. At least, Peter knows his opponent’s name.

In reality, a majority of the film’s most intense emotional moments are based on the viewer’s experience with the prior five Spider-movies in an attempt to tie an end to each villain’s story , in addition to providing closure to the characters of The Tom Holland trilogy that No Way Home was supposedly designed to conclude. There’s a lot happening. A PERFECT PAYOFF FOR TWO DAGES OF SPIDER-MAN FILMS

However after The Way Home is at its peak It’s hard to be concerned enough about anything the characters. There are a lot of characters and cameos in scenes that are designed to make fans scream in the theater. There are some big revelations as well as catchy catchy lines that are repeatedly said, and the final hour is mostly a reward for more than two decades of Spider-Man films, portrayed with an impressive amount of comedy and heart, despite some more dark swings midway through. If you’re a enthusiast of films by Sam R. A. films, or the Marc Webb, or the Jon Watts movies, No Way Home is a good effort to satisfy. (Although you’ll have the greatest enjoyment when you’ve been through all seven previous Spider-Man movies Naturally.) This is all extremely satisfying for fans, but there are times when it seems that the film is more about the rival studio concerns that are the interests of Sony as well as Disney in the same way as Spidey himself.


As is a typical Marvel the norm, No Way Home does not leave its characters in peace by slamming the reset button to plant the seeds for sequels to come in the post-credits scenes establishing new adventures for Spider-Man as well as Doctor Strange.

However, Holland’s version of Peter is believed to be hanging for a few more movies as well as the movie No Way Home‘s finale suggests that the character will shed some of Peter’s MCU baggage to become a more friendly and more amiable Spider-Man. This means it’s likely that the next installments will allow the character to fly through the city using his own merits rather than relying in the shadows of films of the that have gone by.