sex on the beach cocktail recipe

sex on the beach cocktail: It is known as the Sex on the Beach cocktail is well-known for its provocative title as its refreshing, fruity taste. It’s not clear exactly when or how the drink came into existence however, popular rumors about liquor indicate that it was the involvement of a Florida bartender who invented it in the year 1987 in conjunction with a distribution company’s campaign to sell peach Schnapps. The only issue with that theory is that it was included in the 1982 edition of “American Bartenders School Guide to Drinks.”

While there is no consensus on with the source of the drink There are many who believe the cocktail could have been created when the bartender mixed two drinks: a fuzzy Navel (peach syrup and juice of orange) together with the Cape Codder (vodka and Cranberry juice). Mix the two drinks and all the components of Sex on the Beach are included. Certain recipes call for the addition of a tiny amount of crème de cassis. However, it is generally considered to be to be an extra.

It’s a popular drink. Sex on the Beach was a staple of the cocktails menus in the 1980s and 1990s although it did fall out of fashion in the craft cocktail revival that was sure to follow however, it’s still a frequent choice at beach bars, and a favorite among tourists.

This version of Sex on the Beach is extremely easy to prepare and you can mix it up for your next party. Fresh orange juice can add the bright acidity of the drink and make more fresh tasting drinks. Many people opt to substitute pineapple juice in place of the OJ but orange keeps the drink classic. Any solid vodka can be used since it is an almost neutral base that allows the peach liqueur as well as the fruit juices to shine. Combine your ingredients, drink a glass and take yourself to the beach, one drink at a time.

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sex on the beach drink
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