Revolution Rent documentary HBO Trailer Show Power of Theater

The HBO Max documentary chronicles the world premiere of the first commercial American production in Havana in over 50 years.Before the film’s June 15 premiere, HBO Max has released a brand new teaser for the upcoming documentary Revolution Rent, which appears to be a meditation on what it means to dedicate your entire self over to a theatre play. Andy Seor Jr. and Victor Patrick Alvarez directed the film, which follows Seor as he returns to his country of Cuba.

He will seek to stage the first commercial American production in Havana in more than 50 years there.
Putting on a show is a difficult task in and of itself. Anyone who has been both unfortunate and fortunate enough to have done so knows how much effort it requires.

That means preparing and rehearsing until everything is perfect, just to find out you can lose power just when you need it the most.

The film is also a highly personal one for Seor, as the documentary promises to explore his Cuban history and his family’s own complicated relationship with the country they adore. Seor had previously played Angel in the Broadway production of Jonathan Larson’s Rent in the late 1990s. Returning to the storey from a different perspective,Both as a director and as a person, this means that the artist’s work is imbued with a very personal connection.

“I had no clue how the storey would unfold and that our documentary would end up on HBO when we started working on the production of ‘Rent’ in Cuba and capturing the experience along the way,” Seor said in a statement. “I’m ecstatic to be able to share this incredibly personal and beautiful time in our lives with you, and I’m pleased that Jonathan Larson’s lyrics and music are still having such an impact 25 years later.