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    Poll: Majorities of Voters Want Supreme Court to Support Abortion Access, Term Limits on Justices | National News


    In the aftermath of an unprecedented leak of a draft opinion from the Supreme Court that suggests the end of Roe v. Wade is near, a majority of voters say they hope the court supports abortion rights, a new poll found.

    According to the Politico/Morning Consult survey, conducted Tuesday, 57% of American voters say they hope that the Supreme Court supports abortion rights, despite a strongly-worded draft opinion by Justice Samuel Alito released a day earlier that seemed to show that a majority of the court will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade – the landmark 1973 case that established a right to an abortion up until a fetus can survive outside of the womb.

    A majority of voters polled after the leaked opinion surfaced also said they support a term limit for Supreme Court justices, according to the survey, with 67% at least somewhat approving of the idea. Meanwhile, 74% at least somewhat support binding the justices to a code of ethics, while 59% said they would support balancing the court with an equal number of Republican, Democrats and independents.

    Photos: Abortion Protests Erupt

    A crowd of people gather outside the Supreme Court, early Tuesday, May 3, 2022 in Washington. A draft opinion circulated among Supreme Court justices suggests that earlier this year a majority of them had thrown support behind overturning the 1973 case Roe v. Wade that legalized abortion nationwide, according to a report published Monday night in Politico. It's unclear if the draft represents the court's final word on the matter. The Associated Press could not immediately confirm the authenticity of the draft Politico posted, which if verified marks a shocking revelation of the high court's secretive deliberation process, particularly before a case is formally decided. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

    The court issued a statement on Tuesday acknowledging the legitimacy of the draft opinion, but said it does not represent the justices’ final decision. Even so, it is expected to have large implications for the midterm elections.

    Accordingly, 58% of voters polled said it’s at least somewhat important to them to vote for a candidate who supports abortion access. But when asked about the issues expected to be top of mind when casting a vote for federal offices, just 8% named women’s issue, including abortion, as the top priority, falling behind economic, security, health care and senior issues.

    The court is expected to issue its final ruling on a case challenging Roe in a matter of weeks. As Americans await that ruling, 50% of voters polled say Roe should not be overturned. But another 28% believe the opposite and 22% say they don’t know or have no opinion.


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