Penultiman comic,ahoy comics-What If Superman Was Horribly Depressed?

Penultiman comic-There have been several superhero stories that wonder, “What if Superman was evil?” Penultiman, on the other hand, takes a fresh approach to dissecting the Man of Steel. What if Superman was really down in the dumps?The Penultiman trade paperback will be available on May 12th.

Tom Peyer (The Wrong Earth) wrote and Alan Robinson illustrated Penultiman (Planet of the Nerds). The titular character is a prehistoric human who has been dragged from 90,019 BCE to the present day. Despite the fact that he seems to have it all – amazing abilities, good looks, and the world’s appreciation – Penultiman is sad. Being “The Next-To-Last-Stage In Human Evolution” isn’t easy.The series follows Penultiman’s quest to find happiness, with a little help from his helpful robot sidekick Antepenultiman.

Penultiman comic,ahoy comics-What If Superman Was Horribly Depressed?

“We’ve seen characters who represent the ultimate stage of human potential, but I don’t think we’ve met any who are just a little worse than the best,” said Peyer in a press release. “Imagine the anxiety of being so advanced—only to be outclassed. That’s PENULTIMAN.”

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The Wrong Earth                Jamal Igle

High Heaven                       Greg Scott

Captain Ginger                    June Brigman & Roy      Richardson

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