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Nightwing explains why he adores both Batgirl and Starfire

Nightwing’s inner thoughts show that DC Comics would never fully settle his long-running love triangle in Batman: Black and White #5.

There are spoilers in this issue for Batman: Black and White #5!
Few DC characters have as rich a romantic background as Nightwing, whose on-again, off-again relationships with both Batgirl and Starfire have fans divided over which is true love.

Nightwing explains why he adores both Batgirl and Starfire

However, in Batman Black and White #5, Nightwing actually admits that he will still love both women in the greatest love triangle in comics, and the reason for this is heartwarming.Dick Grayson, the first Robin, later went solo as Nightwing, remaining equally related to the Bat-Family who raised him and the Teen Titans who helped him rise. Dick has had significant relationships with both Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl) and Koriand’r of Tamaran throughout his costumed career (aka Starfire).

Nightwing patrols Gotham in a series of fluid acrobatic moves while reflecting on his life’s journey in Batman: Black and White #5. At one point during his journey, his thoughts turn to his love life, and he shares his admiration for both Starfire and Batgirl, as well as his regrets for disappointing both of them at different times.

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