Megha Dhade reveals that the COVID-19 pandemic caused her to have panic attacks and depression

Megha Dhade, a Marathi actress and Bigg Boss Marathi 1 winner, has surprised the public by exposing a difficult period in her life during the pandemic. The actress said that the COVID-19 pandemic had caused her panic attacks and sadness last month.

Megha Dhade recently expressed her concern about the current scenario, which has harmed many people both mentally and physically, in an interview with The Times of India. During a conversation about her panic attacks and anxiousness,she explained, “Everything affects me because I am very emotional. Things that are going on around us are extremely depressing. I used to cry and break down when I saw folks lose loved ones. It’s difficult for me to even consider the families who have lost loved ones to COVID-19.”

Megha remarked that she used to think she was strong, but the pandemic situation caused her to crumble. The actress has a habit of calling everyone and inquiring about their well-being. “I contact everyone and ask if they are okay because, in today’s scenario, it is critical to have a pleasant and prolonged discussion with someone.


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