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kavalthurai ungal nanban wiki-kavalthurai ungal nanban release OTT

kavalthurai ungal nanban wiki-kavalthurai ungal nanban release OTT

kavalthurai ungal nanban reviews– A common man has to pay a huge price to the police force, Kavalathurai Ungal Nanban has a clear message conveyed in an unethical manner, a crime thriller which is the street of National Award winning writer and director Vettimaran who presents the film.

kavalthurai ungal nanban full movie online-kavalthurai ungal nanban reviews

 In the 90s, the ‘Idhu Thanda Police’ showed how police can ruin someone’s life.  One is not sure if the makers took a leaf out of that book, but the film is made in a unique way and captures your heart.

 Based on a true-to-life event, director Ranjit Manikandan, who wants to be known by a pseudonym, RDM, has kept the story simple and let the audience go from there.  Prabhu (Suresh Ravi) plays the role of a food delivery man and his life goes for a toss when his vehicle is snatched by the police on alleged charges.  He is bent on reclaiming the vehicle because his livelihood depends on it.  Just when he hands over the vehicle, an unexpected turn to the plot ensures that the vehicle is still elusive to him.  What will happen next?  Does he fix his vehicle, making up the rest of the plot, which thickens every second to the climatic stage.

 In just the second film, lead man Suresh Ravi was supported by dubbing artiste actress Raveena Ravi, who is very similar to Lakshmi Menon.  The actress shows us a gamut of emotions, reflecting her character accurately.

 Ravi has done a commendable performance.  Full points to the director for not showing the police force in a completely bad light by remembering the various sacrificial moments of the law force in recent times.

 Broadly speaking, the mime is the life and soul of the Gopi plot, bearing the fear that the police should be grounded in its powers for material gain.  The unwritten message is that a common man in the hands of the police department is just a puppet who presumably abuses power.  The conflict between the common man Ravi and the aggressive policeman, Gopi, is presented in a calm manner.

 Coming into the performance, though Suresh and Raveena did zealous acts, Mime Gopi threatened to steal the thunder as the menacing cop.

 The statement is entertaining, for the most part.  The second half, in particular, is emotionally fraught.  The film captures emotions in the right mix.  Adith and Soiriya’s musical score is anointed by Keith Vishnu Sri’s masterful camera work and subtle editing by Vadivel and Vimalraj.

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