For PlayStation 5, ‘The Last of Us Part II’ gets a 60 FPS update

The Last of Us Part II: Naughty Dog’s game has been revamped and is now available for download.
After months of anticipation, The Last of Us: Part II is now available on the PlayStation 5, as a free update for PlayStation 4 owners.The surprise release includes a key technological upgrade that is becoming standard for next-generation consoles.

Sony reveals in their announcement trailer that the free patch available today allows PS5 owners to change the framerate from 30 to 60 frames per second. The major performance improvement comes with an advertised “enhanced resolution,” according to Digital Foundry.

The Last Of Us Part II: 'A game about bad people doing bad things to  survive' - BBC News

It’s not a patch feature, but rather a feature of the PS5’s inherent ability to improve games from the previous generation. The PS4’s base experience was ahead of its time in terms of graphics, but performance continued to drop below 30 frames per second, even on the Pro console. On the PS5, Digital Foundry noticed a consistent 60 frames per second during their playthrough of the new patch.


The free update comes after reports that Sony is working on a remake of the classic first title. Despite speculation pointing to a release after the PS5 patch, the future of the previously-announced multiplayer expansion for the franchise remains unknown. The pandemic has undoubtedly contributed to the project’s current delay.

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones veterans Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey star in the lead roles in HBO’s adaptation of the classic storey, with Terminator: Dark Fate star Gabriel Luna recently joining the cast. Craig Mazin, the founder of Chernobyl, is the showrunner.The pilot will be directed by Kantemir Balagov, the director of Beanpole. Episodes of the highly awaited adaptation will be directed by Jasmila Bani and Ali Abbasi.