Do you require some privacy? How to get calls without giving out your real phone number

How to get calls without giving out your real phone number

How many companies and people have your number if you could guess? Perhaps a hundred? You might want to reconsider that.

Are you stunned? Your landline and cellphone number (if you have one) could be posted online , and I discovered mine on a people search site that doesn’t charge one cent. Click here or tap here to access 4 sites that allow you to look up telephone numbers.

In case you spot your phone number listed on the No. #1 site on this list, follow these steps to get rid of it.

Your mobile number could cause some damage when it’s in the incorrect hands. It’s a simple way for someone to link you to a compromised password, or even steal your two-factor authentication code. Click or tap for a more secure method to secure the accounts you have.

In spite of how long you’ve kept your phone number It’s never too late to begin making it more private. Here are some ways to achieve this:

An easy, free alternative from Google

Google Voice is a free service that grants you the number can be used to make just about any call. It can be used for international and domestic phone messages, calls, texts and voicemails.

I initially set up an Google Voice number when I put up a listing for a house to rental online. When the number came up me, I knew the message was about.

It’s simple to register your own personal number from your mobile. All you require is an Google account to begin.

1. Get Google Voice, the Google Voice app for iOS or Android.

Start the app, then log in on Google. Sign in to your Google account.

Read the Terms of privacy, then click to accept and Proceed to continue. Subscribe to your copy of the Perks and Rec newsletter in your inbox.

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* Click search to select a phone # from the available. You can search for a number by the city or area code.

Click Choose Next to number you’d like to call.

* Verify the phone number and enter a number for linking the number to Your Voice account.

You’ll be given the six-digit code you must enter to proceed to your next action. You can enter the code and you’re completed.

You can now use Google Voice to call your Google Voice number however you would like.

You can also make use of Google Voice to keep your old phone number when you’re moving to a new one. This is a smart move, considering all the services and accounts that are tied to your current number.