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MARQUETTE, Mich. (AP) — A hunting dog has been bitten by a wolf in Michigan‘s Upper Peninsula.

The dog and another beagle were being trained Tuesday by their owner near a trailhead in Marquette when the attack occurred, according to Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources.

The dog was baying at a rabbit about 200 yards off a trail when the wolf bit it on a hind leg.

DNR spokesman John Pepin described the wolf’s behavior as normal.

“The trail is in a non-residential area, where wild animals are often encountered,” Pepin said in a statement. “The wolves are part of nature living around us. The hunting dogs were actively baying a hare, which likely attracted the wolf.”

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The dog was expected to recover. The wolf did not act aggressively toward the hunter, Pepin said.

The wolf is part of a known pack that has been in the area more than 15 years, he added.

Michigan’s wolf population numbers about 700. They are a protected game species in the state.

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