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    COVID-19 Vaccination Rates by Country | Best Countries


    The emergency authorizations of several COVID-19 vaccines in late 2020 and early 2021 led the world to its next phase of the pandemic: getting these novel shots into arms worldwide. This map shows the partial vaccination rate of populations across the world.

    That progress has been uneven, with stark disparities among countries of different income levels – despite global partnerships like COVAX trying to ensure vaccines reach lower-income countries. According to Our World in Data, an online publication whose research team is based at the University of Oxford, as of May 8, about 80% of people in high-income countries had received at least one vaccine dose compared to only 16% of those in low-income countries.

    High-income countries had given a first dose to a majority of their populations by early July 2021. During that same time, low-income countries had barely passed 1%. Nearly a year later, that same scenario is repeating itself for booster doses: As of May 8, 48% of people in high-income countries had received a booster dose, compared to only 0.7% of those in low-income countries.

    Our World in Data also publishes data on COVID-19 fatality rates, in which low-income countries also experience worse outcomes. As of May 8, the average case fatality rate over seven days was 2.4% in low-income countries, compared to 0.8% in high-income countries.


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