Amazon will let customers try on clothes before they buy


Amazon will let customers try on clothes before they buy: The Prime Try Before You Purchase is a Prime-exclusive offer that lets you try out products that are eligible from women’s children’s, and baby clothes as well as shoes and accessories before purchasing the items. You’ll have seven days to try out the products at your own home, and we’ll only charge you for items you choose to keep.

To place an order for items on Prime Test before you buy:

  1. Include Prime Try Before You Buy products in your Prime Try Before You Purchase Cart. Make sure to add more than one product marked with an icon that says “Prime Try Before You Purchase” icon.
  2. You can place your Prime Order to Try Before You Buy. Checkout is different from the checkout process for other items on however, the process is the same.
  3. Then wait for your clothes. Your order will be delivered in about four to six days. The period of trial begins with the moment the final item in your order is received.
  4. Check out your outfits.
  5. Take a look and tell us what you’ve kept. Visit the order page within your Orders in the seventh day of the trial period, and write down the items you’re keeping and returning.
  6. Refund what you don’t need. Return the items contained inside the box (or some of the many packages) you received by using the return label that comes with it or the return option you prefer (you can choose the return option in “Your Orders”). We suggest that you return items that you do not intend to keep for more than 7 days after the expiration of the trial period.
  7. Wait for your return confirmation. Prime to Try Before You Buy will email to inform you that all your returned items were received. Should you wish to keep track of the progress of your return package, check the My Orders page..

Amazon Prime Test Before You Purchase is now available to Amazon Prime members (Amazon Prime paid and 30 day trials, Discounted Monthly memberships, and Amazon Prime Student paid and trial memberships for six months) and the members in the Amazon Household.

Prime Try Before You Buy accepts credit cards that have expiration dates of at least 90 days into the future.


  • Prepaid cards, debit cards, gift cards and other cards aren’t accepted.
  • You are only able to check out at one time. If you decide to change your mind then you can do any of these:
    • If you’ve decided to keep the item, however you wish to exchange it for another one, you can request a the return of the purchased item through the Returns Center.
    • If you’ve decided for a return on an item, but would like to keep the item, please keep the item. We’ll be charged if we do not receive the item.
  • After the expiration of the Prime Try Before You Buy trial period, we’ll bill you for the entire amount of your purchase if you aren’t finished your purchase before 11:59 pm local time.
  • Members who have Prime Video-only subscriptions, as well as invited guests who only receive the shipping benefit from another Prime member, do not get access to Prime Test Before You Purchase.
  • Access Prime to try before you buy by signing up to Prime or sharing benefits with a Prime member using or through an Amazon Household.

For more information on how to return Prime Try before You Purchase items, visit Refund Prime Try before You Buy .

For the complete conditions and terms, visit the Prime Try before You Purchase Terms and Conditions.

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