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MIAMI BEACH, Florida (AP) — Gunfire on a Miami Beach street crowded with spring breakers left three people wounded early Sunday, police said.

Police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez told local reporters that gunfire broke out about 12:15 a.m. on Ocean Drive. A video posted on social media shows a police motorcade driving slowly down the crowded street with sirens sounding and lights flashing when four shots rang out.

That sent dozens of young people in shorts and swimwear scrambling for cover. Officers found two people wounded and they were taken to the hospital. Doctors at another hospital reported that a third person arrived at their emergency room with a gunshot wound. All are expected to survive, Rodriguez said.

Officers surrounded one car with their guns drawn, detaining one person. It is not known if charges have been filed.

Thousands of college students and other young people gather annually in Miami Beach for Spring Break.

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